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• Sheikh al-Habib partakes in the Arba'een procession organised by Khoddam al-Mehdi Organisation London 1435

• Sheikh al-Habib condemns the killing & hostage-taking of westerners & calls on western governments to understand the true nature of the conflict & change their strategies to eliminate terrorism

• Sheikh al-Habib calls on the believers to join the Islamic Rafedhi Conference

• English Researcher interviews Sheikh Yasser al-Habib in the Minor Land of Fadak

• Sheikh al-Habib condemns the inequitable sentence against the Shia activist Amr Abdullah

• The minister of religion of the Free Church visits his eminence Sheikh al-Habib

• Abu Dhar.. an active online preacher reveals to alQatrah team his conversion story to Shia Islam after being a Christian

• Sheikh al-Habib presents a deduced religious view on the characteristics of a leading Marji' for the Ummah to determine which Marji' qualifies to lead in the future

•  Sheikh al-Habib in the first weekly lecture in the Minor Land of Fadak: "Amongst the characteristics of the governance of noble people bringing the virtuous ones to the forefront & declaring the state's policies based on Ijtihad

• A Somali, a Hijazi, an Omani and a Moroccan lady declare their conversion to Shia Islam during Sheikh al-Habib’s live show on the martyrdom anniversary of Hamza, “The Lion of Allah”

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• Announcement: Live daily lectures by Sheikh al-Habib on Fadak and AhlulBait TV channels

• Sheikh al-Habib sheds light on the biography of the martyr Hujr bin Adi

• The Office of Sheikh al-Habib: We have received no Mubahala request from Adnan al-Araour

• Sheikh al-Habib condemns the incitement of the Egyptian president to the feeling of Muslims

• Sheikh al-Habib denounces recent terrorist attacks on Pakistani Shias

• Sheikh al-Habib calls on the Islamic nation to call out: "The people want the reappearance of the Imam"

• Demonstration of anger outside the Kuwaiti embassy in London

• Sheikh al-Habib condemns Egypt bloodbath & informs the Brotherhood of their violation of their faith principles

• Sheikh al-Habib condemns anti-Islam film and calls on Muslims to show restraint

• For the first time in history: Sheikh al-Habib leads the call to prayer with the testimony to the Wilayat of Fatima al-Zahra (peace be upon her)




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• Sheikh Al-Habib's Muharram Speach 1435

• How was Islam corrupted? - 4

• How was Islam corrupted? - 3

• How was Islam corrupted? - 2

• How was Islam corrupted? - 1

• Is your Hijab that of Fatima or Aisha?

• Aisha The Mother of Monsters!

• Karbala Special

• Swedish brother, Adam, converts to Shia Islam

• Conversion of a French brother, Tomas to Shia Islam

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• Aisha is hanging by her legs in hellfire and eating her own flesh (8238)

• Why do shiites hate Umar Ibn al-Khattab!? (7929)

• Who killed the Prophet Muhammad? (7860)

• Footage of the opening ceremony of the new headquarters (7752)

• Romanian brother Julian Routarou announces his conversion to Shia Islam (7539)

• Sheikh al-Habib leads the call to prayer in the shrine of Abul Fadhil (peace be upon him) (7435)

• Islamic Beliefs - Episode 1 (7399)

• Condolence ceremony of Allamah Sheikh Fadel al-Fourati (7077)

• Footage of Sheikh al-Habib Muharram 1410 (6924)

• Islamic Beliefs - Episode 4 (6813)

    . :  Random Youtube videos  : .

• Sheikh al-Habib's address to Aisha's supporters EP 2

• A priest saved Islam according to Bakris!

• Not all Shia are true Shia!!

• Spread the Light of Islam

• How was Islam corrupted? - 1

• Islamic Beliefs - Episode 5

• Aisha The Mother of Monsters!

• Karbala Special

• Sheikh al-Habib's address to Aisha's supporters EP 1

• Palestinian brother converts to Shia Islam





          . :  New Articles  : .

• The principle of Enjoining Good and Prohibiting Evil from a Shia Rafidhi perspective- A Frank Method!

• The Liberation of the Shiite Individual - 1

• Do Not Mix your Belief with Injustice!

• The Imam (peace be upon him) is not out of sight, we have blocked our vision

• We can do without this Kind of ( UNITY)

• Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) The Miracle of Islam

• al-Zahra.. We shall be cleansed by her Wilaya

• Say Welcome to Fitna!

• Sheikh al-Habib’s speech on 17th Ramadan 1432

• A Lesson from Imam al-Hasan: How Shall You Face a Dictator Alone?

        . :  Random Articles  : .

• The Imam (peace be upon him) is not out of sight, we have blocked our vision

• Darwinism - When Prattle “Evolves” into a Theory!

• Sorry! There is violence but in ‘Another Islam’

• If God is Just and Merciful Why Are There Natural Disasters?

• The Liberation of the Shiite Individual - 1

• Say Welcome to Fitna!

• Hussein (Peace be upon him) is the water, tears and blood!

• We can do without this Kind of ( UNITY)

• Servants of Al-Mahdi (Peace be upon him), Spirits of the Revolution

• Why do Shiites hate Omar Ibn al-Khattab?!




            . :  New Q&A  : .

• Is Hijab an obligation?

• Have Abu Bakr Umar and Uthman not been promised heaven in the Quran?

• Who compiled the Quran that we have with us today?

• What are the best sources of the holy prophet's biography?

• Who is "al-Awwal" referred to in Ziyarat Ashura?

• Can you read Ziyarat-e-Ashura in state of menstruation?

• Can we call a scholar an "Imam"?

• Is it permissible for non-Sayed to marry a Sayed?

• Was Aisha divorced by any of the Imams peace be upon them?

• Can we ascribe the crime of adultery to Aisha?

        . :  Random Q&A  : .

• How can a true muslim celebrate their wedding in this modern society?

• Are we encouraged to show impatience for all Imams?

• Did Imam Ali name his sons after the three tyrants?

• I used to love Omar more than the Prophet, and now I curse him! Thanks to you!

• Did Imam Ali give the three caliphs advice concerning strategies of war?

• Can you provide a list of the shia sects that have emerged?

• Is Sheikh al-Habib planning to give more English lectures?

• Is it permissible for a woman to recite Quran without covering her head?

• How credible is the statement “Al Kafi is sufficient to our Shia”?

• What is your opinion of reviving the ceremonies of Farhat al-Zahra?






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